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 Master Instructor Steve Turner 6th Dan.

 Cheif Instructor Peter Payard 5th Dan.

 Chief Instructor Heidi Smaller 4th Dan.

 Chief Instructor Rob Pearson 3rd Dan.      

 Chief Instructor Wayne Bubb 4th Dan.

 Senior  Instructor Mark Walters 4th Dan.

 Chief Instructor Rob Snape 4th Dan.

 Senior Instructor Eric Baines 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Sam Southall 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Russell Rawiri 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Kim Kohlis 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Eliza Wallace 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Luke Kennedy 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Steve Povey 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Marjorie Macnay 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Shane Macnay 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Joanne Pearson 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Peter Mlekus 4th Dan.

 Senior Instructor Elizabeth Harris 3rd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Barry Sanders 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Andrew Davis 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Ryan Palfreyman 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Stevie Chambers 2nd Dan.

 Senior Instructor Stuart Riches 3rd Dan.

 Instructor Arief Martono 1st Dan.

 Instructor Paul Edmondson 1st Dan.

Senior Instructor Gavin Wyatt 2nd Dan.

Senior Instructor Stephen Bartlett 3rd Dan.

 Instructor Tracey Bell 1st Dan.

 Instructor Jack Davis 1st Dan.

Senior Instructor Mathew Casey 2nd Dan.

Senior Instructor James Carlin 3rd Dan. Trainee Instructor Patrick Sands 1st Dan.

Senior Instructor Ben Davis 2nd Dan.

Assistant Instructor Adam Davis 1st Dan.

Assistant Instructor Lucas Morrow 1st Dan. Assistant Instructor Mick Bell 1st Grade.



 Senior Instructor Peter Ham 3rd Dan.

 Trainee Instructor Zachary O,Meley BB.

Senior  Instructor Majella Nancarrow 2nd Dan.

 Instructor David Finnie 1st Dan.

 Senior Instructor Cisca Supple 3rd Dan.

Senior Instructor Steve James 3rd Dan.

 Instructor Rowan Knight 1st Dan.

 Instructor Aaron Morgan 1st Dan.

 Instructor Kim Povey 1st Dan.

 Instructor Jordan Macnay 1st Dan.

 Instructor Lyell Peterson 1st Dan.

Senior Instructor Peter Baskerville 2nd Dan.

Senior Instructor Sonia Riches 2nd Dan.

 Instructor Jamie Lawes 1st Dan.

 Instructor Darryl Foster 1st Dan.                                                        Assistant Instructor Josh Crump 1st Dan.

 Assistant Instructor Jesse Hogan 1st Dan.

 Assistant Instructor Jesse Hopkins BB.

 Assistant Instructor Dane Eden Lewins BB.

 Assistant Instructor Jason Dearinger BB.

 Assistant Instructor Callum Coulson BB.

 Assistant Instructor Claire O,Connor BB.

 Trainee Instructor Ayden Crosdale BB.

 Instructor Helen Proctor 1st Dan.

 Assistant Instructor Terry Moore 1st Dan.

 Assistant Instructor Jason Garland 1st Grade.

 Assistant Instructor Sharnee Crowfoot 1st Dan. 

Assistant Instructor Michael Moore BB.

 Trainee Instructor Caitlin Dawson JBB.

 Trainee Instructor Samual Wyatt BB.

 Trainee Instructor Samuel Broadfoot JBB.

 Trainee Instructor Jessica Johnson BB.

 Instructor Tevin Sharpe 2nd Dan.

Assistant Instructor Steve Babe 1st Dan.

Senior Instructor Jordan Macnay 2nd Dan.

Assistant Instructor Claire Robinson BB.

Assistant Instructor Erin Gibbs 4th Grade.

Trainee Instructor Jeremy Bourke 1st Grade.

Trainee Instructor Bailey Matthews BB.

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